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Wait. What exactly do you do?

I work to make the casting process faster, more productive, and more convenient for actors, directors, producers, and production companies. I work tirelessly to connect directors and producers to the right cast. I focus on independent shorts and features, but I also have extensive experience in commercials, music videos, and theatre. 

When should I reach out to you?
Where do you cast actors?
Where do you cast actors?

You can call anytime at 646.649.3426 (although email is always the fastest way to get in touch, and we can discuss all of your casting needs. It's best to reach out at least three weeks prior to shooting. but I've been known to pull out a few last minute miracles, so it's never too late to get in touch.

Why should we work together?
I'm in. How do we start working together?

I primarily work in the New York metro area, but my casting reach goes far and wide. I have held casting calls for actors from all over the US and the world. The internet is a beautiful thing.

There are many persuasive reasons to work with me: I pride myself on my knowledge and expertise as well as my people skills, initiative, work ethic, and positive attitude; however, the most compelling reason for working with me is that when you hire me, you get me on the phone, over email, in person. Your jobs won’t be farmed out to assistants and college interns. Personal attention is the hallmark of my business.

Reach out to me to talk about specifics fot your project. Every job is different, and I endeavor to specialize each casting experience in accordance with the needs of my clients. I schedule and manage meetings, pre-screens, auditions, and callbacks so that my clients can find the best talent and the directors and producers can focus on their many other production tasks. I also work to finalize contracts and submit union paperwork in a timely and efficient manner. I will work side-by-side with you to help fulfill your casting needs and find the cast that will bring your project to life.

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